Lost in Space with Svensk Lånemarknad

Augmented Lost In Space scenario hosted by Svensk Lånemarknad, open for other sponsors.

There are only 50 seats this time, so be sure to grab one. All attendees will be served breakfast, lunch, dinner and assorted beverages.
Make sure you arrive in time and with a team of at least one person (max three) with a mixed skillset.

Lost In Space is a dramatic narrative told using web-based APIs. I think you’ll like it :)


Bring your own machinery and use whatever language or tools you want to complete the challenges (extra points for Smalltalk).


Do you or your company look for talented developers? There’s still sponsor slots available (you or your star coder be one of the code review judges), which you can get pricing info for my mailing psvensson@gmail.com.

Global /dev/null? I’m actively looking for other cities to try this out in. Email with suggestions and ideas!