/dev/null with tretton37 (Lund)

We’re very happy to be hosted by the exceptional knowledge-house tretton37!
Finally back in Sweden again – this time closer to the continent, in Lund. We’re still crawling dungeons and writing code to solve algorithmic challenges. Now with even better dungeons and scarier monsters!








Where: Hypoteket, Kyrkogatan 13, 222 22 Lund
When: Saturday 2016-02-13
Choice of technologies: Whatever floats your boat. Rapid prototyping tends to be important, though.
Theme of all challenges: Return of the Son of /dev/null (multi-user dungeon-crawler)
Prizes: TBA

Registration: Closed








Escape from /dev/null is a combination of multi-user computer game and programming competition where you come as a team of 1-3 developers and solve problems in the dungeons using HTTP-based APIs (using any system or language you want). The dungeons are rogue-like and challenges will be solved by creating programs that access player characters remotely (using the APIs mentioned) in specific ways (while avoiding being eaten by grues or hacked down by other players).

Please note that the venue might be unsuitable for people with limited mobility or wheelchairs. We will, of course, be on hand to do everything we can to be of help =)

Please mail organizer psvensson@gmail.com for any questions