/dev/null Spotify


You and your platoon of electronic intrusion specialists are cruising towards a training facility orbiting Europa when your ship is attacked.
Dazed and desperate you find that your ship is captured and attached to an enormous alien ship or artifact of some kind, categorized by code name /dev/null.

Swarms of robots probe the outer hull and try to gain access, giving you twelve hours before your ship is breached. Your only chance to survive is to hack the alien system remotely using ancient techniques known as ‘JavaScript’ and ‘Python’.

Will you be able to rescue yourself and your team before the time is up and discover the secrets of /dev/null? Apply to be part of the team. You will need at least a couple of years experience coding JavaScript and/or Python to have fun and be really good at it to clear the last challenges :)

Challenges come in two flavors; 1) Spot the error, 2) Build something that does x. Some challenges are mostly front-end, some mostly back-end and many are both. The challenges are made to be reasonable rather than capricious.


All attendees who get picked will be teamed up with a front-end/back-end counterpart. During the twelve hour challenge you must navigate a map of the alien computer system, which will be projected onto the ballroom screen. As teams clear challenges, their position on the projected map will change.

To gain access to nodes in the alien system you must complete increasingly complicated programming challenges together with your team partner. The first team to gain access to certain types of nodes will be able to collect valuable salvage from the alien system, as well as valuable hints.

Prizes include concert tickets, headphones or SONOS soundsystems, among other things.

Come on! You can SO do it!

Teams will share tables with other teams and collaboration is allowed, but each team must be able to explain each solution to the judges. Everyone is also allowed and encouraged to tweet, post and photograph during the event.

The event will take place at the level 3 Ballroom at Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden, 14/4 08.30 – 21.00. All attendees will be served lunch and dinner during the event. And maybe something else.


Each attendee must bring their own laptop with a preinstalled development environment of their choice. We also suggest setting up Github accounts to synchronize team code.


Escape from /dev/null is organized by Spotify AB and Greener Grass Web Design AB.

Contact our representative directly at psvensson@gmail.com if you want to know more.