/dev/null Hulu Seattle 2014

We’re very proud to present the first /dev/null developer game for Hulu in Seattle, WA!

What is Escape from /dev/null?

Escape from /dev/null is a combination of a web-based multi-user board game, a programming competition and a science fiction or fantasy story (depending on scenario). It’s really fun both to create and to attend :)


Choice of technologies: All programming languages and platforms supported! This is an open technology game!
Theme of all challenges: Dungeons of /dev/null
Prizes: See below :)

Registration: Here

You will be creating a client to a multi-user dungeon before the competitions (yes, docs and test services will be made available). At the actual event you will have to implement solutions to tricky problems by controlling your player character inside the dungeon in various ways. Or just kill the other players and get an epic high-score. That works too, but won’t win you any prizes :).


You can come as a singleton (and either choose to be assigned to a curated team or go by yourself) or as a team of up to three developers.
All team members must register independently (but using the same team name).

It is _-*very*-_ much encouraged to have team that have at least one good front-end developer and one strong back-end developer. Just saying.


Most challenges in the game will involve accessing a web-based API served via HTTPS but with a self-signed certificate, which will involve a non-standard configuration of your choice of accessing information through HTTPS.

You will need to bring your own laptop with your own coding environment set up.

As you progress through the game-board of programming challenges you may end up with one of these:





About Hulu:

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