/dev/null with Google (Bucharest)

What is Escape from /dev/null?

TL;DR: Escape from /dev/null is a combination of a web-based multi-user board game, a programming competition and a science fiction or fantasy story (depending on scenario).

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The event will take place at Impact Hub in Bucharest, which can be found here. Food and drinks will be served throughout the day and there are different Googley prizes to win for different parts of this combination of a programming competition and computer game.

Seats are limited and we lean towards selecting the more talented or experienced developers first, so please make sure you give as much information about yourself as possible (LinkedIn, GitHub, personal projects pages, et.c.). On this event we have a team size of one, so all invited attendees will compete by themselves.

Choice of technologies: Java, JavaScript, Python, C++
Theme of all challenges: Dungeons of /dev/null (multi-user dungeon-crawler)
Prizes: Cool stuff TBA

Registration: Closed. (Deadline: 5 October 11:00 p.m. UTC)

Please mail organizer psvensson@gmail.com for any questions



Most challenges in the game will involve accessing a web-based API served via HTTPS GET requests, but a WebSocket API is also available. Those selected to participate in the event will receive instructions on how to access the API a week prior to the event, for testing purposes.



You will need to bring your own laptop with your own coding environment
set up. Make sure you update you systems, IDEs and coding environment prior to the event.


Internet connectivity will be provided but updating can take precious time from the competiton itself.


Update on Prizes!

Here are some of the Googley things you might win at this developer game.