/dev/null Google Poland (Krakow)

First /dev/null developer game in Poland! Whoo-oop!

What is Escape from /dev/null?

TL;DR: Escape from /dev/null is a combination of a web-based multi-user board game, a programming competition and a science fiction or fantasy story (depending on scenario). Yes it is :)
Food and drinks will be served throughout the day and there’s ample rumors of googly prizes to win in various parts of the game.

Choice of technologies: Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, PHP
Theme of all challenges: Dungeons of /dev/null
Prizes: Swag, bags, pads, phones and more..

Registration: Closed mail organizer psvensson@gmail.com for any questions

Here are some pictures from the event;



You can come as a singleton (and either choose to be assigned to a curated team or go by yourself) or as a team of up to three developers.
All team members must register as a person (but the same team name).

It is _-*very*-_ much encouraged to have team that have at least one good front-end developer and one strong back-end developer. Just saying.

Screenshot from 2013-04-05 07:24:53

Most challenges in the game will involve accessing a web-based API served via HTTPS but with a self-signed certificate, which will involve a non-standard configuration of your choice of accessing information through HTTPS.

Many challenges will also involve UI programming for various kinds of static and dynamic data representation and interaction.

A web-based solution can be a good idea, but it is also possible to use a classical, monolithic approach, if your skill set lies more in that direction.

You will need to bring your own laptop with your own coding environment
set up.

The developer game is composed of many small pieces and at there are several opportunities to win things like Google bags and backpacks and these handy devices: