/dev/null DICE

The world’s most playful and unique programming competition is back, this time exclusively open for students.


Escape from /dev/null is a playful event that engage teams to compete with each other on a game map by solving relatively small and practical programming challenges for each step taken.

The game works like this;

  1. The game map is a graph, which is navigated on a communal web-based interface. When a team decide to take a certain path from the node they’re on to a connected node, they’re presented with a challenge.
  2. When the team have solved the challenge, they paste in proof of this in the user interface, which gets routed to one of the judges.
  3. The judge then walk up to the team and checks out their solution, look over their code and let them describe how they solved the problem.
  4. When the judge is satisfied with the team’s solution, he approves them through his own web-based user interface and their progress to the target node of their choice is animated for all other teams to see.
  5. Certain nodes have ‘artifacts’ or topical prizes that vary between games. The first team to reach an artifact, wins it, and it’s then removed from the game board.


Since we have a limited number of places, and the event is very popular, please register your interest here:

Please provide as much examples on your programming skills as you can, and we’ll get back to you soon to let you know if you received a place in the competition.

You can register either as part of a team (enter team name and/or the names of your team mates), or as a solo, to let us know you want us to set you up with a team of other solos.

Teams can be between one and three persons in size and it is not an unreasonably bad idea to have at least one person good at front-end stuff and at least one person good at backend stuff.

Any questions about registration or the game itself can be forwarded to the organizer, Peter Svensson from Greener Grass Web Design (psvensson@gmail.com). For more information about the competition, see http://www.escapedevnull.com/about.