/dev/null DICE 10

Right before summer, with a limited number of seats available, a game-inspired Escape from /dev/null invites you to probe its secrets and escape if you can..

This registration does not guarantee you a place at the event. You will be contacted at least one week before the event to know whether you are invited or not. If you need earlier confirmation, mail arranger psvensson@gmail directly.

When and Where?

Saturday 16/6, 08:30 at Debaser Medis, Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm, Sweden.

What is this?

Escape from /dev/null is a live competitive programming event, where teams of up to 3 programmers compete against each other to navigate across a virtual game-board to win prizes and escape the clutch of an alien spaceship [bought separately]. Each move in the game can only be accomplished by solving bite-sized but increasingly difficult programming challenges.

The sponsor of this event is DICE – Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment.

What do I need?

You need you own laptop and development environment of your choice. The teams can choose how to solve the challenges themselves in any combination of JavaScript (front-end or node.js), Python, C++ or Ruby. Frameworks and libraries: Up to you.

What is the theme?

The theme is Gaming, baby! Most challenges will be game-related. Knowledge of some graphics programming is a plus, as is client-server and network technologies in general. Most challenges can be solved in different ways, but you will have to be able to describe your solutions.

What will be provided?

WiFi, power strips, coffee, lunch, dinner and beer. Good background music, lots of new friends to get to know and a party. But no, nothing else, really..

Will it be crazy fun?


What prizes are there?

That is a secret for now, but all teams on the top-ten highscore will be invited to a separate event at DICE headquarters in Stockholm to collect their prizes a week or so after /dev/null.

We are currently at capacity. 
(You can still register to get a place on the waiting-list, though)
Waiting-list registration here